Egypt Travel Ranking

Attractions: ★★★★★

Egypt got literally everything on the menu, and some more. From fantastic beaches on the red sea, to the man-made and historical structures (pyramids), natural wonders (Nile river, deserts, red sea), museums (Egyptian museum), and a decent although declining cultural scene.

Safety: ★★★

Somewhat unsafe during the last couple of years after the revolution and counter revolution, but it is getting safer. Check with your embassy for the latest advice (Travel.State.Gov).

Value for Money: ★★★★★

It is a cheap destination from hotels to transport to entertainment.

Friendliness: ★★

Egyptians most exposed to tourists got a serious problem with not being friendly. I have heard this from every person who has ever been to Egypt and have experienced it myself. Really bad for a top travel destination.

Logistics: ★★★★

Language is not a big issue, easy entry and exit, with availability of decent logistics from reservations, car rental…etc. Wide spread corruption even at a top touristic attraction like the Giza pyramids!

Transport: ★★★★

A cheap but crumbling train system connects Cairo to the south of Egypt. Decent buses cover the rest of the country. Taking a taxi or private driver is a hassle. Wild traffic in Cairo!

Verdict: ★★★★