Morocco’s Mini Travel Guide

Health: decent private clinics ($20+ a visit), and free public hospitals (in a terrible shape, to be avoided). Water is drinkable, although better to stick with bottled water (0.5$/L).

Weather: mostly mild from October to May and then boiling hot in the summer.

Money: ATMs are everywhere. Exchange rates are decent at both banks and street sellers.

Hassles: women alone are often starred at and unfortunately maybe harassed as well. It is better to dress conservatively and be assertive. Speaking badly about Islam or Royal family likely gets one in trouble. Must bargain aggressively for everything when buying. Con-men are waiting for you, so watch out and never accept anything before negotiating the price in touristic spots.

Drugs: alcohol available in most hotels. Bars to be avoided as they usually attract mostly alcoholics. Hashish made from cannabis plant is widely available.

Communications: Tamazight and Moroccan Arabic are the official languages, however French is widely spoken and used everywhere. Internet is available in major cities and can be a problem in smaller cities. Buying a local sim card (iam) with data when arriving is a very smart idea.