The park where the world’s tallest trees are thriving

The majestic Redwood trees, at more than 100m (300 feet) tall, are scattered along the pacific coast from Washington to California. However, Redwood National and State Parks is where you find the tallest of them all. In fact, the tallest tree in the world, Hyperion, is hidden somewhere in this park. Its exact location is not advertised to protect it from damage.

Redwood parks is maybe overwhelming for a short weekend trip. In fact they are rather 6 parks managed together as Redwood state and national parks.

The hiking trails here are second to none. The camping options are also phenomenal with one of the best campgrounds in the USA along the Pacific ocean at Gold bluffs beach.

The parks also feature many scenic drives that go through the redwood forest or along the ocean cliffs.

Top 5 Attractions

1. Tall trees trail

Because of its sheltered location, water and fertile soil, this grove has some of the tallest redwoods in the world.

Getting there, however, requires a special permit obtained online (only 50 a day are issued). If approved, a code (received by email) is used to open the gate. After a further drive of 6.5 miles on unpaved road, one gets to the trailhead and hike 2 miles to the grove.

2. Lady Bird Johnson grove

This is another easy and short hike of 1.5 mile loop that goes through old-growth redwoods.

3. Stout Memorial grove

Stout Memorial Grove trail is an easy walk from parking, and a great place to wander and wonder through the mighty redwoods.

It is technically not in the Redwood national park, but in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. However it is part of the Redwood parks and one ticket entrance is valid for all.

The best way to get in is through Howland Hill Road which is a worthy attraction itself with a scenic drive.

4. Newton B. Drury scenic parkway
Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway

Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway is a beautiful 10 miles drive. It takes you through a towering old-growth redwood forest.

It is not only a drive through; as it offers great spots to stop and go for short or long hikes. Some popular stops are the Big Trees loop and Elk Prairie resting area.

5. Gold bluff beach campground

It is a remote campground 6 miles (mostly unpaved) away from the main road. It offers the chance to camp on the Pacific coast few steps from the beach, and to enjoy fantastic sunsets at the beach.

As far as facilities go, it is one of the best. Here you get solar powered showers, flush toilets, barbecues, fire pits, picnic tables, food lockers, and even a public WiFi. It is often booked months in advance. It is has a two last minute hike-in sites though for backpackers.

From this campground, one can also walk to the gorgeous Fern Canyon.

More Attractions

Bald Hills Road

The scenic Bald Hills Road offers access to both Lady Bird Johnson Grove and Tall Trees Grove. If you go further, the road climbs through many coastal hills. In spring and summer, it is a nice drive to see wildflowers.

Klamath river area

This is a great spot for camping at Flint Ridge. It is the closest place (besides Gold Bluff) to camp near the coast at only 0.5 miles away.

Coastal trails

Many fantastic trails to choose from. For example, the Damnation Creek trail offers the chance to experience the giant redwood forest as well as the rugged rocky coast. The other is the long Coastal trail which goes through the redwoods to the coast.

Redwood creek

One can disperse camp anywhere on the river banks of the Redwood creek. A great spot to be stay close to the redwoods and away from the crowds.

Crescent Beach

These are rugged beaches and offer a great opportunity to see sunsets.