Dahab, the gateway village on the red sea

Dahab a small charming village near Sharam El Sheikh (SES). It is a great backpacker destination for the people seeking more of an authentic Egyptian experience away from the all inclusive resorts of SES.

Dahab, despite being small and remote, has quietly been evolving into just another resort town. Still it is a great place to relax, learn and try diving, enjoy the beach and just hang out along the corniche.

It is a hassle to get to Dahab. The best way if you are based in SES is to take a shared taxi. There maybe buses going from the Mobil Station near the hospital in SES, but don’t count on it or on the timing. If you take a taxi, be prepared to do a lot of bargaining. The drivers will not budge or move if they see a desperate traveler, and will likely quote a ridiculous prices of $100+ for the 1:30h drive.

For the activities, diving or snorkeling in the reefs nearby is a popular activity. A lot of diving shops offer guided 1h dives for the inexperienced at an a good price of $30+. Windsurfing and kite-surfing are also popular activities, and the equipment and lessons are offered near Laguna area at the south end of Dahab’s main strip.

For souvenirs, there is a high concentration of shops along the main boardwalk. Many operators also offer excursions to the nearby desert. The tour often includes a ride in the mountains, and lunch or dinner with Bedouin hosts.