Egypt is the gift of the Nile.

Herodotus, Greek historian

Egypt is a fascinating country to visit without a doubt. Everyone must visit to see the great pyramids in Giza, the pharaonic tombs in the valley of the kings and the temples in Luxor. There is arguably no place with such a history that dates back to the dawn of human civilization some thousands of years ago.

Lately Egypt has been an unsafe destination but the situation is improving and it is getting relatively safe as of 2020. Ironically, I did visit at the height of the Arab spring just shortly after the former president Hosni Mubarak was toppled. It was a tense atmosphere, filled with a hope among Egyptians for a better future. Since then the country took a turn to the worst, and there has been many attacks on tourists. Nevertheless, the situation is improving now.

Here are some quick highlights and facts about Egypt.

Attractions: Giza pyramids, Luxor temples and tombs, Cairo city, Sharam El Sheikh resorts, Hurghada red sea, Alexandria city, Abu Simbel temples, and Siwa oasis.

Itinerary: For a 3 days trip, either Cairo and Giza or Luxor is a good choice. For a one week trip, the two can be combined at a relatively fast pace. For a 10 days trip, one can also add extra stop like Hurghada, Alexandra, or Abu Simbel. For two weeks plus, one can also add Sharam El Sheikh and red sea. Read More

Food: Mulokhia and Ful. Read More

People: Former leader Nasser, writer Najib Mahfuz, and singer Om Kulthumm. Read More

Recommended book: Children of Gebelawi of the 1988 literature Nobel prize winner Najib Mahfuz.

Recommended music: Om kolthoum for classical music and Amr Diab for modern music.

Ranking: ★★★★ Read more

Top 5 Favorites

1. Giza

Giza pyramid.

Nearby Cairo, the site of the great pyramids of Giza, the only surviving wonder of the old worlds.

2. Luxor

Karnak temple in Luxor.

The open door museum south of Egypt by the Nile. Karnak and Luxor temples, and the Valley of the Kings are must see.

3. Cairo

Al Azhar mosque in Cairo.

The capital city of Egypt is a must city. There are many places to see and experience from like the world renowned Egypt History Museum, the iconic mosques of Al Azhar and Sultan Hassan, and Khan EL-Khalili market.

4. Sharam El Sheikh

Sharam El Sheikh.

Sharam El Sheikh is known for its beaches and all inclusive resorts. Nearby the city there is a charming little town known as Dahab (gold in Arabic). I would recommend Dahab for people looking for an authentic experience. Also, for the history buffs, one can take tours to Mount Sinai (the biblical and Quranic site), known as the birth place of Moses.

5. Hurghada

Hurghada Image

This is another resort city known for all inclusive. It is a great spot for diving in the world. From Hurghada one can take day trips to Luxor or excursion trips to the desert nearby.

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