Yuba River Near Nevada, CA

Most of my trips are done just around the corner as I am not a full time traveler contrary to many travel bloggers. Being in California, and specifically San Francisco Bay area, we are blessed to have natural and man made wonders few hours away in all directions. Too many to count but I would mention few national parks such as Yosemite national park, Death Valley national park, Point Reyes national seashore, Joshua Tree national park, Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, and Pinnacles national park. Not to forget Big Sur area with its pristine beaches and scenic drives, and Lake Tahoe with its world class ski resorts.

Other than these, there are many less known spots and fortunately less crowded. As a last minute trip, I decided to head to Yuba River which is about 4 hours drive from the Bay area. The main reason to go there is the river and the beautiful forest surrounding it. And for us it was wild camping. Very few places (that is a good thing actually) in California where you can camp right by the river or the beach. This spot was an exception but with a caveat, you have to hike about 1 miles away from the parking.

Overnight parking and wild camping was possible away from the private owned property. “Wilderness camping is permitted near Nevada City along a 4.4 mile section of the South Yuba Trail as it follows the shadier south side of the river from Edwards Crossing down to Purdon Crossing. ” as our main resource said https://www.nevadacitychamber.com/nevada-city-things-to-do/outdoor-recreation/wilderness-camping-on-the-south-fork-yuba-river/

We did that and some more! The bonus was we were far away from other campers. Unfortunately due to fire restrictions we could not have a camp fire. The cool river and wilderness of the place made up for that. All in all, it was a worthwhile escape from the city. We stopped on the way back in the historic Nevada. It is a charming little village. Urban dictionary defined it as “A mining town, home for pot heads, artists, musicians, hippies, conservatives, and anyone who loves the foothills of the Sierras in northen California.”

Nevada city

Mre photos