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Yet another travel website?

Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Batuta, middle ages traveler

We often have the urge to share a good story with family and friends. As they say, sharing is caring. This website is a medium to share travel stories. Inspiring stories have a positive impact when shared 🙂

Native woman probably telling her kid a nice joke. Antigua, Guatemala.

I am very passionate about traveling and going to different places not only for leisure but to explore and see the beauty of our planet and its diversity. Here I want to share the story of where, why, and how to travel to the best 100 countries in the world.

Machu Pichu, in Peru, from a further view.

Travel blogs are an essential part of a travel journey and very useful. Often as a source of inspiration as well as information on how to travel, and which places to visit.

However, the internet is full of paid and placed advertisements about travel destinations. These often mislead and exaggerate cliche tourist-trap places. The focus of these “infomercials” is often on glamorous traveling, all included resorts, and over-priced travel experiences.

Farmers market near lake Quilotoa, Ecuador.

It is not easy for an amateur traveler to actually filter the good sites from the ugly ones! Here, we add our voice to share a different travel experience. Hopefully, this will help others with pieces of information about the places they are interested in visiting.

My story is not the ultimate truth and rather another unfiltered perspective coming from mostly budget travels.

Customary shenanigan picture at Salt flat de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Most bloggers are often divided into two groups. The backpackers and hotel/resort groups types. The first group travels on a very low budget seeking often a cheap alternative to everything. The second group is the more touristy group with a bigger budget seeking often comfort and luxury.

Swing at the end of the world near Baños (Ecuador).

The first group travels a lot and/or often done by students on (understandably) low budget, and traveling a lot means you really have to cut corners and cannot afford the 5 star hotel experience all the time. The 2nd group travels a lot less and often does so once a year or two years but they spend much more and have a bigger budget with their sights set on comfort, and pricy guided arranged tours.

Supporting the Egyptian revolution on the ground at Tahrir square in 2011. Cairo, Egypt.

There is nothing wrong with either group, however, I have have not seeing many blogs about travelers who actually fit somewhere in between. They have a full time job, therefore can spend a more than budget travelers but also travel more often than once a year therefore, they also have a budget to watch.

This blog is mostly for this group. It offers a balanced aspect of traveling for people that actually have some money, love to travel, but have not much time because of working full time.

Finally met the elusive Sumo players in person. Nagoya, Japan.

This blog offers a perspective of traveling on medium budget mixing hostels, medium hotels and some fancy hotels in between; while doing things that backpackers love to do like being on the road and having than sense of adventure without the burden of guided tours. I hate them 🙂

Selfie vs. wedding shots. Shanghai, China.

It is mesmerizing to see how people live their everyday lives, learn about their struggles and aspirations, experience their culture, listen to their music, etc. It gives me a bigger perspective about life and makes me appreciate every moment of it.

So, how was the FCB-RM game last night? High Atlas, Morocco.

I have always came back home from my travels with an even stronger urge to travel more. As times passes by and we grow older, we don’t remember time but we remember memories. So, at the request of my friends, I am writing this blog.

No one can resist the temptation of ice-cream. Medellin, Colombia.

Here, I would like to share with you some memorable moments, and offer my opinions of worthy places to visit. Hope you find it insightful, fun, and inspiring.

Thanks for visiting, please keep coming back on again.

Gotta a problem with that? Sucre, Bolivia.