Ecuador, the land of smiles and exotic fruits

I loved Ecuador for its exotic fruit salads for only $2 dollars 🙂

Ecuador is a great country to visit, safe, good weather year around for being at the equator, and still really affordable. The city capital of Quito is a beautiful city with a vibrant city center. Other notable places are Banos famously known for its hot springs and adventure tours, Cuenca for its colonial city center, and Guayaquil.

city square close to the presidential palace.

My favorite spot in Ecuador was the Quilotoa lake. This beautiful crater lake is high in the Andes, formed by a volcano some only 800 years ago. It holds a stunning view with colors shifting based on the sun direction and visibility.

Quilotoa lake

Most of people who visit Ecuador also opt in to see the Galapagous Island famously known as the place that Darwin visited and studied island animals to formulate his theory of evolution. The island is know for some very unique animals such as the Blue footed Booby birds, green turtles, Galapagous penguins, giant tortoises, marine iguanas among others.