Morocco Travel Ranking

Attractions: ★★★★★

Morocco packs a lot of attractions from imperial thousand-year old cities like Marrakech/Fes, colonial cities like Tanger/Casablanca, Sahara desert, Atlas/Rif mountains, unique Moorish Architecture with Colorful palaces, Riads, mosques and old Medinas. Nice Mediterranean beaches.

Safety: ★★★★

Morocco is safe, barring the freak incidents. However, some neighborhoods at night in cities like Tanger, Fes, and Casablanca should be avoided. But, generally, being cautious and using common sense is enough to travel safely in the country.

Value for Money: ★★★★

Morocco is a budget destination where your money goes a long way. While food and transport is very cheap, things like hotels, guides and car rental may not be cheaper than Spain for example. A meal at a decent restaurant can cost anywhere between $3 at basic shops to $10 at a good restaurant. Transport is also affordable but not of the highest quality. A bus ticket for an 8 hours bus goes for as little as $10. Train tickets for 2-4 h ride also in a modest range of $10-20; for example Casablanca to Marrakesh in 2nd class cost $12 and takes 2h40.

A taxi ride within a city is anywhere between $0.5-$3. Hotels are more expensive and harder to find medium range budget at good prices. Online reservations for solo or couple travelers are preferred for medium budget hotels as they tend to be a lot more expensive at the counter. Riads or Private Villas/Guest Houses/Apartments may cost $100-$200 per entire place which can comfortably sleep 4-6 people. Hostels are in the range of $5-20 at decent places often in the center of Medina (old city).

Friendliness: ★★★★

Moroccans are very social people and really believe in sharing whatever they have but travelers may face more con-men and hustlers than other places. It is common to be offered food in Morocco, and sometimes considered impolite to refuse it, however, don’t hesitate to say No. When offered things, one needs to distinguish between genuine people and fake seller-type people.

At tourist hot-spots, be aware of the usual full package of con-men, hustlers, beggars, and pushers. A bad experience with these happen to locals and foreigners and could ruin an entire vacation. Generally speaking, people are friendly, curious, and genuinely welcoming.

Logistics: ★★★

The positives. Easy entry and exit as a visa is not required for most travelers ( Easy logistics for reservations of hotels, ferries, private shuttles. Negatives: Corruption and relative absence of English. Lack of respect for schedule and timing is pervasive.

Transport: ★★★★

An affordable train system connecting between the cities of Marrakesh to Tanger and Fes, and a variety of bus companies (, cover every corner of Morocco. You are looking to pay roughly $10 for a 2 hours ride in the train (for example Casablanca to Marrakesh in 2nd class cost $12 and takes 2h40), and $10-15 (depends on comfort, and time of the day and distance) for an 8 hours bus ride.

Within a city, there are so many taxis which cost roughly $1-2 per ride. Make sure they have a meter or negotiate the price ahead of riding. One can also hire a private driver+car which can be a great option for a group of 2 or more. It can cost roughly $40-$80 per day, depending on season.